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2016-09-09 09:57

…and scarlet, and black, and opal, and peach…

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat anyone,港彩开奖记录?

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Anyway, I did so many things wrong in the first stages of planning. I just sort of attacked it without any direction. I was so wrong.

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My first mistake??I’m going to say that was choosing our?wedding colors before anything else. ?I had been fantasizing about my wedding for years now. Although narrowing down a style was a huge struggle, I always knew I wanted the colors at our wedding to be?blue and pink?(more specifically, turquoise and coral). They are my absolute favorite colors, and have been for almost my whole life. I’m not married (pun intended) to very specific shades. Just anything in the turquoise family, like aquamarine, teal, seafoam, or whatever. Coral can also be very different from shade to shade depending whom you ask, but we’re?going for something a little more pink—between salmon and Pepto-Bismol. It makes me feel like a hipster that claims to like stuff before it was popular, because these colors are super trendy right now. But I swear guys, 2007 Miss Dreamcatcher laid claim on them before it was cool!

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The problem in all this? Coral and turquoise aren’t exactly the easiest colors in the world to work with. Almost every venue we?walked into I had a lot of trouble seeing how they could possibly work. Looking back….I think this was one of the reasons I was grumpy after almost every wedding venue we looked at. Well, that and the price tag.

Image from The Pretty Blog / Photgraphy: Marianne Taylor Photography / Floral Design: Steph Turpin

Pretty much every article in existence that talks about choosing a venue will tell you to wait before choosing colors. And I’m telling you,?LISTEN TO THEM. They were right. Choosing our?colors first and making everything fit around it has been quite a challenge, especially because we didn’t exactly choose a muted or neutral palette.

For better or for worse though,?we?had chosen our?wedding colors extremely early on. While it’s?certainly helpful to have had a general idea, latching on to a bold scheme has?made?for some pretty turbulent decision making.

Image from Wedding Aces / Photography: Brett Rose Photography

Raise your hand if you?put the cart before the horse in some aspect of wedding planning? How has it affected your plans? I’,联系人;m sure all future couples can benefit from reading about our mistakes!

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